Review of Master Plan for Door Creek Park

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03/06/2008 - 19:00
03/06/2008 - 20:00
Door Creek Park

Madison Parks Division staff will present plans for a new community park to serve the growing population on the east side of Madison. Door Creek Park is a 115-acre park, located east of the interstate, between Milwaukee Street and County Highway BB in the Door Creek Neighborhood. Door Creek Park is a large community park that has been in the planning and acquisition stage since 1990. The Master Plan for the park include both active and passive recreation typical for Madison’s large parks: athletic fields, playgrounds, picnic areas and shelters, tennis and basketball courts, shore fishing, winter ice skating and ski trails, winter and summer trails both linking to Dane County’s regional trail system.

The attached article appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal on Saturday, February 23, 2008.

Door Creek Park.pdf343.11 KB

This is going to be a rather

This is going to be a rather impressive park! As a neighborhood we need to develop some type of priority plan to work with the city!

Approximately 40 neighbors

Approximately 40 neighbors were in attendance representing Door Creek, Reston Heights, The Meadowlands, and Grandview Commons neighborhoods (and maybe others). Also in attendance were the two alders representing east side neighborhoods, Lauren Cnare and Judy Compton.

The PDF listed about contains a basic map of the park layout. Due to the detail of the map, several details are missing. There will be a paved bike path running from north to south in the park. This path will eventually connect to other trails to the north and south of the park. There will also be walking/hiking trails throughout the park.

Construction of the park will begin on the north side of the park. This area of the park will consist of 8 tennis courts (starting with 4 courts), playground area, shelter, basketball courts (though I don't remember this mentioned specifically at the meeting), a "field sports" area and parking.

The "field sports" area or "Soccer" area as listed in the PDF will be an open area that will not be limited to fixed areas for specific sports, but will be more open and reconfigurable. This will allow for moving of fields as wear patterns in the turf start to show. Reservations of fields will be available through the Parks Department's current reservation system.

During the winter, cross-country skiing trails will be available in the park. The extent of trail grooming has yet to be determined. The pond in the center of the park may become an ice skating rink.

At the intersection of Bluff Point and Highcliff (near the existing Door Creek Park sign) the entrance will be for pedestrians only. There will not be an automobile entrance at this location.

Some of the money dedicated to building the park comes from a fee each of us paid when buying our lots. This portion of the park funding can't be allocated elsewhere.

One of the concerns mentioned was the amount of mowing required for the park. The plan is to limit the grassy area requiring mowing and to do prairie restoration (not just no-mow areas).

Another concern was the proximity of walking trails to homes (existing homes). Some of the existing trails may be on homeowner property now. The Parks Dept. will work with homeowners to make sure this is resolved to everyones satisifation (Please contact the Parks Dept. with concerns).

My concern was with traffic flow to the north entrance which will be at or near the intersection of Littlemore and Juneberry. Juneberry does not yet exist as a street. It will connect Littlemore to Milwaukee St. The Parks Dept. thinks that everyone will follow Milwaukee St. to Juneberry. Experience tells me to expect an increase in traffic on Wyalusing.

Overall I believe this park will be a great addition to the east side of Madison.

If I missed something or stated something incorrectly, please post an update.